PrettyLittleThing Spring Favourites

Today's post is going to feature some of my current favourites from PrettyLittleThing! This online shop is one of my favourites for clothes and shoes as they have great prices and they have a massive range of lovely items. I generally end up wanting to buy everything but had to cut it down to 24 of my current favourite items. Let me know in the comments below which are your favourites from my list and whether you have shopped with PrettylittleThing before.  
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Online VS High Street Shopping Review

 Today's post is a sponsored guest post. All opinions are the writers own. 

Although younger crowds are all about the world of online shopping, there are still quite a few old-timers, and others who are not so ready to make that switch. There are quite a few differences between high street (boutique, shop, retailer) shopping and online shopping. But, with this in mind, there are a few similarities for those who are resistant to make the switch over as well. 

  The similarities -
Of course there are certain similarities, and among these are:
- Both online and high street shopping affords customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of brands/product lines.
- Customers can choose low end or higher quality, well known brand names.
- Customers can visit several retailers, in order to find the best deal possible. 

Apart from this, the differences are abundant. First off, online shopping is done from the comfort of your home. You can compare brands, prices, sites, and online catalogues. Additionally customers can choose from top name and lesser known brands. Customers don't have the opportunity to try items on prior to purchase, but most online merchants offer free shipping and returns. The biggest difference is the simple fact that online shopping does afford individuals who want to find the best deal imaginable, the opportunity to do just that. With so many retailers and catalogues making the switch to online sites, you have several different product lines, and can find nearly anything you were only able to buy through local shops and boutiques in years past. 

  Although there are some who are still resistant to turn the page over to Online Shopping, it has become a great option for those who love savings, selection, and freedom to shop at any time. With so many online catalogues, you do not have to compromise on quality or selection and can always find the best deals out there.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK Scarf Review

 Today's post is going to be a review of this lovely sparrow scarf thanks to The Lifestyle Blogger UK.

The scarf has this lovely sparrow print on in black and white which looks really pretty. I like that it is black and white because it will go with any outfit. It's a great scarf for both winter and summer as it is this light material but gives good coverage of your neck in cold weather to stop a bit of the chill and I can't wait to wear it more throughout the year. As you can see from the photos above and below I tried wearing it several different ways and I think my favourite is the first one as that is how I wear most of my scarves. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite way to wear a scarf is.


Sparrow Scarf: The Lifestyle Blogger UK*

SammyDress Outfit Of The Day: Suede Sections

 Today's outfit features this gorgeous faux suede two piece from SammyDress.


How gorgeous is this faux suede two piece from SammyDress? It feels super soft which I'm really happy about as I love any soft material. It is in this lovely nude colour which I'm loving right now and the great thing about a two piece set is that you can mix and match it with other items and I feel it would be a great set for loungewear. The only issue I have with this set is that the top is too big for me but again that's probably because I have a small chest and I think it would fit someone perfectly with a bigger chest.


Faux Suede Two Piece Set: SammyDress*

What would you pair each of these pieces with?  

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How To Save Money When Shopping For Fashion

 Today's post is a sponsored guest post. All opinions are the writers own. 

Most people automatically presume that top fashion and design names means a high price tag. While this is the case (in part), you will pay more for designer names and trends, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to overpay for items you want to own. When shopping for new designer names, fashions, and trends, these are some of the ways you can go about finding deals and saving on the purchases you are going to make. 

Shop Online -
Yes, catalogue shopping is the way to go. Not only are there several you can compare, the option to finance purchases also allows you to save (and with many offering interest free periods, you only pay the base price for the item). Catalogues sell top designer names, and offer a wide range of items, for prices below retail. So take advantage of those deals. 

 Compare -
Just because you have chosen to shop online doesn't mean buy the very first item you find. Only when you compare, shop with several sites and catalogues, and compare the inventory, will you find deals. Those who are willing to shop, compare top brands, designers, and fashions, and visit several sites prior to purchase, are the ones who will save. 

 Shop second hand -
Believe it or not, many sites or retailers sell items which are second hand or used. In many cases, these items weren't worn (but only returned if a customer didn't like it, or didn't fit after purchase). So you are basically getting brand new items, for a fraction of the price you would pay for brand new. 

 You have options when shopping. If you love the latest designer fashions, trends, and top brands but do not want to pay the premium price tag for items you are purchasing, these are some ways you can find the best, while paying a lower price for items you will purchase.

Which is your favourite way to shop?

Outfit Of The Day: Roses Are Red Part 2

Today's post is an outfit which features a dress, a sequin cardigan, a black hat and a choker all from Zaful.

First up we have this gorgeous velvet dress from Zaful that features this beautiful floral embroidery in the mid section which is super lovely. The length of this dress is perfect as it sits nicely just under my knees. It's not too low cut which is also perfect for me.

At first I wasn't too sure about pairing this sequin cardigan from Zaful with this outfit but the more I look at it the more I think it works. It adds a little extra sparkle with the gold and the sequins and would be great for the upcoming holiday season. It features this gorgeous tie in the front which can be worn several ways. I think it would look great over a plain red dress or with jeans and a vest to slightly dress it down a bit.

I didn't get a close up of the hat from Zaful while wearing this outfit but I have this one available to show you. I've been looking for one of these types of hats for a while so I was really happy when I came across this one. The material feels great and has this plait feature around the main part of the hat with these tassels hanging off which is a really nice feature. I can see myself wearing this a lot throughout winter with several various outfits.

This choker is also from Zaful and features this little upside down double horn which is a great detail. I'm loving chokers at the minute and my collection is really growing fast so this one is a great addition. It's super simple and will go with anything.

Velvet Dress: Zaful*
Sequin Cardigan: Zaful*
Black Hat: Zaful*
Horn Choker: Zaful*

What would you wear the sequin cardigan with?

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Outfit Of The Day: Velvet Blues

Today's post is an outfit featuring this amazing blue velvet dress from RoseGal and this stripy long sleeve tee from New Look.


How amazing is this blue velvet dress from RoseGal? I'm in love with the colour and it is such a soft material. I've been loving layering outfits at the minute especially slip/vest type dresses so this piece was perfect for that. It fits really well and as it is a maxi dress it isn't too long which is great as I'm quite short and I usually find maxi dresses trail on the floor for me.

As it is winter I felt that this tee from New Look was perfect for underneath this dress as it is long sleeved and has a turtle neck. I'm loving everything striped at the minute and I really love how it looks under this dress, it definitely catches the eye.

Velvet Dress: RoseGal*
Striped Tee: New Look

What would you wear under this dress?

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